Facade Grant

Facade Grant

FACADE Restoration Program (FRP) Goal:
To help local businesses located in the Neighborhood Business Development Program (NBDP) target area preserve and rehabilitate the exteriors of their commercial properties, to preserve the economic viability of needed commercial service, and to improve the appearance of the Town of Elkton business district.

The Facade Restoration Program (FRP) will make funds available for interested downtown commercial property owners or businesses within the designated area to improve the appearance and soundness of their building facades. The program requires a 50% match of the total cost of renovations provided by the landlord or tenant of the property.

Note: The 50% guideline will be fixed maximum. The goal of the Alliance will be to provide only the amount that the property owners are unable to provide with their own funds or conventional grants.


Financing the cost of the rehabilitation with matching grant money is subject to the review and approval of the Elkton Alliance FRP grant committee. Grant funding is provided by the State's Community Legacy program.

Eligible Applicants

Owners of existing businesses, either business properties or business tenants (with landowner approval) located in the designated area, are eligible to apply for FRP grants. One grant per business per year.

Eligible Activities

1. Facade Rehabilitation - eligible FRP activities generally include labor, materials,
fixtures, and other contract items necessary for the proper execution and completion
of facade rehabilitation. Rehabilitation includes the repair or alteration of exterior
facades to make possible the recovery for preservation of the significant features of the
structure. Facade rehabilitation/restoration may include improving the appearance of
the building through exterior painting, door and window replacements, and trim treatments including awnings, flower boxes, and signage improvements.

2. Facade Construction - new façade construction or additions in keeping with the
historic context of the community will be reviewed by Façade Committee, and many may be subject for approval by the Historic Architectural Review Commission. The project will be approved if it supports the goals of the community.

For more information contact [email protected] or call the main office at 410-398-5076.

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