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  • Who is the Elkton Alliance, Inc.?
    A 501(c)3 non-profit community development organization, Elkton Alliance, Inc. is strengthening our town by supporting economic development and the advancement of the arts. You can learn more about the organization on our About Us page here.
  • When I donate to the Elkton Alliance, where does the money go?
    All donations are used to help fund the work of Elkton Alliance, Inc. in our mission to revitalize and strengthen Elkton through economic development, historic and cultural preservation, and the advancement of the arts. Your financial contribution will support our operational initiatives to ensure our programs are successful. That could mean that it assists with marketing our many events to the community and our visitors. Or it could mean that it is used to rent the dunk tank for one of our summer events. Our success is based on strong partnerships and support from our community.
  • Where is the Elkton Alliance, Inc. located?
    Our office is located at 101 E. Main Street, Elkton, MD 21921.
  • How do I donate to Elkton Alliance, Inc.?
    Please visit our Donate page here to support Elkton Alliance, Inc. You can also explore the opportunity to be a Friends & Family Community Contributor by visiting here.
  • How do I get involved?
    Help make Elkton a better place! The focus of Elkton Alliance, Inc. is consistent with the four-pillar structure of Maryland Main Street programs: Design, Organization, Economic Restructuring, and Promotion. You can volunteer, donate, or become a Community Contributor. Please reach out to us at 410.398.5076 or for more details.
  • Who should I contact regarding opening a business in Elkton?
    Please contact: Alicia Calhoun, Elkton Alliance, Inc. at
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